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Admission requirements

Admission criteria to the joint doctorate programme

Candidates must meet the admission requirements of the institutions for their programmes of doctorate. Candidates must also demonstrate a strong international vocation, a background knowledge in addition to a specific interest in physics, chemistry of advanced materials, and a very good knowledge in a second European language. The opportunity to participate in this joint doctorate programme will be given to a selected number of candidates under the joint supervision of senior academic staff from the involved institutions and after obtaining a positive consent by the managing Board.

The doctorate students may receive a scholarship according to the doctorate provisions at each home university. The home university will also ensure that students are covered by medical and third party insurance valid for the host country. In the case of the University of Southern Denmark, self-insurance of the students is assumed. At the beginning of each academic year, students will enrole at the home university and pay any fees due to that institution.

For further information contact your local PCAM coordinator.