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Marie Curie Actions; Ph.D. positions in materials science and nanotechnology (2014-2017)

Call identifier: FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN
Project acronym: THINFACE
Implementation mode: Multi-ITN
Grant agreement no.: 607232

You can check the offers in the attached documents.


The advertisements of NanoSYD and CIC nanoGUNE can also be found at Euraxess:

NanoSYD " degradation mechanisms in organic solar cells" 

NanoSYD "plasmonic nanostructures for organic solar cells"

nanoGUNE "chemical modification of polymers from the vapor phase"

nanoGUNE "Theory of electronic structure: Lifetimes of HOMO and LUMO states of organic molecules relevant for organic photovoltaics on different substrates"