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The PCAM network arranges annual Summer Schools and other scientific events. Read more about them here.

Thinface Winter School

Get informed about science management, patenting and how you can develop your career

In line with the spirit of the Initial Training Network actions, the present winter school aims at providing training in a branch of useful interdisciplinary competences for PhDs of scientific and technological disciplines.

We aim in particular at providing a training on aspects that most PhDs have often not received or have self acquired in a non optimized way. Skills on writing (projects, reports, papers), patenting, finance (ask for funding, deal with a budget), entrepreneurship (scientific-technical start-ups), management of teams are some of the covered topics. These topics merge to a final module of career prospects, where it is shown that in fact PhDs can become professionals in any of these domains.

The course covers a concentrated week of lectures and a series of complementary e-learning material and evaluation tasks, comprising comprehension tests as well as short activities. Attendees obtain 4 ECTS.

Topics are :

  • Management of science
  • Marketing of science
  • Career development
  • Patenting
  • Management of teams

Speakers include:
S. Capitán, Madrid, Spain / I. Viani, Abengoa Solar, Spain / A. Brem, SDU, Denmark / F. Manso, Malaga,Spain / R. Otero, IPO-UAM, Spain / G. Marchesini, Plasmore, Italy / G.-P. Brivio, UMB, Italy / J. Meseguer, TES, Spain / J.M. Carrascosa, UAM, Madrid, Spain / G. Riva, Pirelli, Italy / G. García, AIN, Spain / J.E. Román, Boeing, Spain / F. Lorenzo, Madrid, Spain / O. Ahumada, MecWins, Spain / M. Mar García Poza, OEPM, Spain / J.P. Landesmann, IPR, France / M.A. García, ICV-CSIC, Madrid, Spain / M. Manso, UAM, Madrid, Spain / R.M. Palma, UAM, Spain

Costs: 900 € includes 4 nights, full pension from lunch on Monday - lunch on Friday.
50 € local attendee (No hosting included, lunch included).
There will be up to 5 grants for NON ITN students with a reduced rate of 250€. PCAM students are invited to apply by sending their CV to miguel.manso at uam.es specifying if they are a registered student in one of the PCAM doctorate universities (www.pcam-doctorate.eu) and include a supporting letter from their PhD supervisor.

Contact: Dr. Katharina Rubahn kru@ek.sdu.dk 

Programme of the school

Poster of the school could be downloaded below.