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Doctorate Programmes in Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Science

Available PhD positions

The goal of PHD studies is to provide training and education with the objective of producing graduates of Physics, Chemistry or Materials Engineering with the capacity to conduct research independently at a high level of originality and quality. By the end of the degree program, the doctoral student ought to be capable of conceiving, designing and carrying to completion a research program without supervision.
The PhD studies are organized at the Faculties of Fundamental Sciences (Physics, Materials Science), Institute of Physical Electronics (Physics, Materials Science), Chemical Technology (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering), Design and Technologies (Materials Engineering).
The total number of positions for doctoral students at the University is determined considering the amount of subsidies allocated by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and additional funds for doctoral student preparation set aside by the University. Admission quotas are set for every subject area every year. Further information can be requested here.

Topics proposed for the PhD research:

  • Diamond like carbon based nanocomposites: synthesis, characterization and applications
  • Developing of novel methods of manipulation, micro-patterning and imaging, to be exploited in the future bio-medical technology and in micro-mechanics
  • Development of compact terahertz emitters/ detectors and passive THz circuit component using metamaterials.
  • New type of plasmonic sensors fabricated by UV imprint lithography using different moulds
  • Development of the organic thin film transistor technology and synthesis of the novel semiconducting organic compounds
Prof. Sigitas Tamulevicius

Prof. Sigitas Tamulevicius


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