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Doctorate Programmes in Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Science


One Ph.D. scholarship is available on:
Charge transfer, geometrical and electronic properties at

Organic-inorganic systems are of very relevant perspective interest for several topics: from flexible electronics to photovoltaics and magnetic data storage. In order to tackle those systems one needs a thorough understanding of the adsorption of the first layer of organic molecules, usually aromatic polycyclic ones owing to their large electron and hole mobility. This Ph.D. project aims at performing a theoretical and computational study of the charge transfer at the organic-inorganic interface. We plan first to optimize the geometry of the adsorbed molecules by density functional theory calculations (DFT). Different substrates such as metals, semiconductors and graphene are taken into account. Many body approaches will be applied to valence and core excitation spectra when necessary. Closed contact with the experimentalists at the Elettra Synchrotron in Trieste is currently in place.

This thesis will be developed in collaboration with the University of Milano and within the European doctorate PCAM, In this respect, a minimum six months stay in other European Universities is mandatory. Collaborations include the Technical University of Graz (Austria), the Pierre Marie Curie University (Paris, France) and the CSIC Laboratory in San Sebastian (Spain).

Applications for foreign students will be open on the website of this University about the middle of May. The selection of foreign candidates are based on their CV and an oral examination by Video conference to be scheduled at the beginning of September. Work is expected to start on 1st November 2015.

A scholarship for 36 months is provided with net (after tax) monthly salary amounting to about Euro 1200 per month, increased by 50% for stays outside Italy.

For further information write to Prof. Gian Paolo Brivio, email:

Ten Ph.D. Scholarships in Materials Science and Technology at the University of Milano-Bicocca available for 36 months starting from 1 December 2014

Five scholarships are on any topic (experimental, applied, simulation/ theoretical materials science) developed at the Department of Materials Science at the University of Milano-Bico

See the Department webpage:

The other five scholarships are on:

• Silica based nanofillers for green tyre compounds
• Renewable materials for elastomeric compounds
• Innovative curing approaches for 21st century rubber technology
• Electronic properties of materials
• Materials applications to biomedical industry

Two scholarships are reserved to Foreign candidates. In such a case the selection is based only on the detailed CV and video conference.

For Foreign candidates, the selection is based on CV and a videoconference; Italian candidates must present their CV and take a written exam to be held on 27 October 2014, at 2 pm, and an oral exam on 29 October 2014, at 10 am. Both exams are held at the Department of Materials Science, University of Milano-Bicocca, via Cozzi 55, 20125 Milano (Italy).

The net salary (after tax) is about 1040 Euro increased by 50% for stays abroad with a maximum period of 18 months.

All students can participate in the European doctorate in Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials (PCAM) and obtain also the European doctorate diploma in Materials Science within the network PCAM, .

Deadline for application: 18 September 2014, 12 am.

To apply: read details and make use of the forms in the webpage upoloading the requested material.

Forms in italian.

Forms in English.

For help and further information, write to: Dr. M.C. Fassina, email: .

Shorter stays within the network

In all research groups of the Department of Materials Science of this University, shorter stays of students from Universities belonging to the PCAM network are welcomed. The interested candidate should look at the Department research topics.



Prof. Gian Paolo Brivio

Prof. Gian Paolo Brivio


Dr. Maria Cristina Fassina

Dr. Maria Cristina Fassina


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