Postdoc position and PhD position

at the Physics Department of the University of Milan, in the field of first-principle investigation of hybrid organic/antiferromagnetic interfaces.
The two positions are offered in the context of the EU-funded FET project “SINFONIA” ( aiming to the development of perspective spintronics devices, where the coupling of magnetic perturbations and optical stimuli at hybrid interfaces are addressed at the experimental and theoretical level.

PhD position

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a strong theoretical background in Solid State Physics and numerical simulations. Theoretical analysis, based on density functional theory methods, will be applied to interfaces formed between organic molecules and antiferromagnetic substrates. The work will focus on the adsorption of individual molecules and thin layers on various surfaces, for the determination of electronic, magnetic, and spectroscopic properties of the coupled system.

The successful candidate will be selected within the 2021 call of the PhD School on Physics, Astrophysics and Applied Physics at the University of Milan (see for details), and will take part in the program of the same PhD School.

The position is available starting from November 2021 for a duration of 3 years. For information about the economic treatment of the scholarship, see

Required qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Physics with a solid background in Condensed Matter Physics and numerical simulations. Knowledge of Surface Science and previous experience in performing first-principle simulations and programming are highly beneficial. Good communication skills in English are required, knowledge of the Italian language may be helpful.

For further information and expressions of interest please contact Guido Fratesi through this form: and visit for details of examination procedures and Doctoral studies at the University of Milan.

Post-Doc position

The candidate should have a strong theoretical background in Solid State Physics, Surface Science and/or Molecular Physics, and numerical simulations. Required qualifications include a PhD in Physics (Condensed Matter), Chemistry, or Materials Science. Previous experience with density functional theory calculations and with standard DFT codes (Quantum-ESPRESSO, VASP, SIESTA, …) is a must; the knowledge of excited-state formalism and related simulation packages (Yambo, …) is recommended. Good communication skills in English are required, knowledge of the Italian language may be helpful but is not mandatory. The successful candidate is expected to work in a team and supervise graduate/undergraduate students.

The position will last initially for 12 months, with the possible extension within the SINFONIA project. The examination procedure will be opened in the next months with a starting date around November 2021, allowing some flexibility to be agreed upon. Expressions of interest can be uploaded through this form:
Preferentially use the same for additional inquiries.



Dr. Guido Fratesi

University of Milan, Italy



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