Admission Requirements

Requirements for a PCAM-Certificate

Students participating in the collaborative network of doctorate programmes will present their thesis in English and, if necessary, in the language of their home University.

Students should spend 6 months at a PCAM guest institution, however a minimum of 3 months is required.

In case of a stay of less than 6 months abroad, the following has to be done:

A positive evaluation of the stay abroad on the basis of a short report of the student, which should be agreed on by a committee consisting of the host supervisor, the guest university supervisor and a member of the PCAM board. The committee will initially work in the cases in which the student applying for the PCAM certificate has not spent six months abroad.

Evaluation of the Thesis:

  • Two foreign referees not belonging to the home university (there can be a referee from a PCAM university but it is not a requirement)

For the defense (oral):

  • Two external referees , which preferentially should not belong to the home university (one needs to be from a PCAM university)
  • chairman of the examination commission (from home university), so the committee consists of at least three people.
  • Following positive oral examination, the chairman of the examination commission has to send the thesis to all PCAM delegates. The delegates acknowledge the thesis within two weeks with the right for objection. Any objection shall be in writing and shall be substantiated.

The procedure and the institutional rules for the award of a doctorate degree at the home University shall apply. Candidates will receive an additional certificate stating its European significance if no delegate has objected.

Here is a list of awardees of the past three years.

For further information contact your local PCAM coordinator →