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Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Autonomous University of Madrid), commonly known by its Spanish initials UAM is a Spanish Public University established in 1968, along with the Autonomous Universities of Barcelona and Bilbao (now University of the Basque Country) in the frame of one of Spain’s most ambitious educational reforms, which took place during the late 1960s and the early 1970s. Since 1971, the university’s main campus has been located in Cantoblanco, an area on the northern outskirts of the Municipality of Madrid, close to Alcobendas and Tres Cantos. Throughout its history, UAM has become one of Spain’s most prominent Higher Education Institutions.

The Faculty of Sciences is one of the leading Faculties in the recently recognised Excellence Campus to the consortium UAM+CSIC. Among the strategic areas, Materials and Nanotechnologies are represented by different Departments of Physics and Chemistry and research centres (CMAM and INC), four Institutes from the Spanish National Research Council (ICMM, ICV, ICP, IMM) and a regional Nanotechnology Center (IMDEA). Most of the facilities from these institutions and education programs at UAM are available for PCAM students.


The activities of our groups focus on fundamental and applied research. Surfaces have been one of the traditional research lines supported by numerous equipment for growth and characterisation in Ultra-High Vacuum conditions (STM, XPS). Materials of interest cover a wide range of compositions and applications. Metals, semiconductors, polymers, etc., have been studied in multiple configurations. The emerging field of nanotechnology has an inspiring point at UAM. Many groups involved in PCAM have published outstanding articles in this field.

A short list of research lines:

  • Molecular self-assembly.
  • Ion Beam processing and microanalysis
  • Photonic materials and structures
  • Magnetic nanostructures
  • Carbon materials
  • Meso and microporous materials
  • Biomaterials


If you wish to be a candidate for a PhD position at UAM, please send an e-mail to the coordinator, Dr. Emma Martín Rodriguez detailing your field of interest. Alternatively, you can check directly on research groups oriented to your interests.


Short research stays in our labs for students are also welcome; please get in touch with us for further information.

If you are a PhD student at UAM and want to make a secondment to a PCAM university, you can ask for funding here:


Emma Martin Rodriguez

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain